I live on the South Coast of the United Kingdom with my Wife and two young Daughters. I work in the IT industry as a Managing Technical Architect for a company named Capgemini, mainly focussed on work in the Microsoft technology stack. Currently I lead the Architect and Engineering teams delivering Workplace/Desktop Services to an environment of approximaely 90,000 workstations and 65,000 people.

My hobbies include Snowboarding, learning to Kitesurf (and now Windsurf) plus the odd bit of running thrown in here and there. I used  to own a  motorbike (Suzuki GSX-R750) but decided that having a small family didn’t really allow time to indulge.

With regards to work experience, I have 10’ish years of various flavours of Unix (SunOS, Solaris, SVR4 derivatives) doing application and system level programming with a few turn-key Kernel builds for good measure. I was also an Oracle v6 DBA and had some experience configuring an old VT based system called OfficePower. I then stepped over to the Microsoft side of things for another 10 years covering infrastructure, development and operations as I realised it was a bit of a blindspot for me. As a consequence I now hold some aging Microsoft certifications:

MCSE (W2K), MCSA (W2K3), MCAD.Net, MCSD.Net and once I realised networking was a weakness I got my Cisco CCNA

Entries from my old blog can be found here.

My linkedin profile (slightly out of date)

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